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The IC-8 Lens

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Discover the IC-8 Lens

Over time you might have noticed objects or text appearing waxy, blurry or faded. Your vision may not look as sharp as it once did. This decrease in visual quality is due to natural changes in your eye’s lens. It may be determined by your doctor you have a cataract in one or both of your eyes.

The IC-8 lens is an investigational device that is designed for cataract patients. It is a clear monofocal lens with a mini-ring placed in the center. The mini-ring, or pinhole, is designed to increase the range of vision by extending the focus of light rays that enter the eye.

A standard monofocal lens is also designed for cataract patients to provide far vision, but not near or intermediate vision.

The clinical study will determine if the IC-8 lens in one eye, when paired with a monofocal lens in the other eye, will provide near, intermediate and far vision.

If you would like to become a volunteer participant, the first step is to find a participating doctor in your area and see if you meet the visual requirements. Please click here to find a doctor near you or call 1-888-978-7819.

To download the IC-8 lens clinical study brochure, please click here.