How Do I Qualify

How Do

I Qualify?

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How Do I Qualify?

Are you a potential participant for the IC-8 Lens Clinical Study?

You may have an opportunity to participate in the IC-8 lens clinical study, if the following statements describe you:

  • I am at least 22 years of age.
  • I have cataracts in both eyes.
  • I am available, willing and able to participate in examinations and study visits.
  • I can keep follow-up appointments for up to one year.
  • I agree to additional annual follow-up visits for up to three years from study start if requested.


Your next step is to complete a confidential questionnaire. This information will be provided to a local participating doctor near you. If you have a strong interest in becoming a volunteer participant and meet the qualifications outlined above, you will be scheduled for an eye examination to determine your eligibility.

Click here for a complete list of participating eye surgeons or call 1-888-978-7819 for immediate assistance.